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Building Elevation Ideas

The main objective of every building design and house elevation is to make it aesthetically relevant, practically usable, space optimization as well as visually rich. Because, a well built house elevation design transforms home owners building into a lovable habitat and luxurious address for them. In addition to making a building look visually appealing, aesthetically relevant and comfortable for its inhabitants, it is also important to have a design that is practically executable. Add to that side elevations, and you get more details of your building design. These will help you minimize confusions and make the building plan more productive. There are certain tips to be followed while finalizing the exterior building elevation, so you need to decide attractive new building elevation.

1. Straight on Visibility - Overall look of the building when viewed straight-on

2. Symmetry in features – There must be symmetry followed in the features applied on walls. There must be synchronization of entry doors, windows, porches or any other featurs.

3. Externally visible elements such as chimneys, water tanks, etc.

4. Environmentally friendly, immersive and real designs

5. The 3d elevation design should looks realistic and photo farmable.

6. Easy execution while construction.

7. Building elevation match your lifestyle standards


Basic factors like type of windows rendered into the design help you understand your building’s depth. Plus they also help the building contractors understand and visualize:

1. Entry points

2. Front and rear porch designs

3. Roof steepness, if applicable

4. Types of windows and doors

5. Suitable building materials


Now with split elevation designs growing in popularity, you can further preview your building's interior in relation with the exterior. This has been found very helpful for interior design features like floor thickness, staircase elevation and design, wall thickness etc.

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