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Front elevation design and ideas

Front elevation design and ideas

Before we proceed for any features and designing of exterior elevation, we must say that we develop practical designs that are feasible in construction. You can view our gallery page to check with designs. Here we are discussing some of the common types of front elevation:

1. Modern front elevation design: Modern front elevation design of houses and buildings are simple but elegant and lace with modern features. Archplanest provides easy to build and economical design modern house designs to our customers. Modern elevation designs are durable and easy to maintain. You can modify your existing elevation design or choose the best one while designing the house plans. Modern elevation can be of box type elevation, slant roof design, french windows, big balconies, cnc jail patterns, using brick tiles or stone clads, wooden planks etc.

2. Modern duplex front elevation design: Front elevation design for modern duplex houses designs includes lots of variance. Duplex house elevation can be made unique and different by applying modern features on balconies or open terrace or windows or poarch area. We at Archplanest.com provide best looking latest modern front elevation building design at affordable price and in time frame.

3. Simple duplex front elevation design Making a beautiful but simple duplex elevation is more tuff. While making this type elevation we consider few things like color combination, basic features, play with basic shapes and structure and cost effectiveness.

4. Small front elevation design duplex: Small house can be simplex house or duplex house with narrow width 15 to 20 ft. In small house we don’t have much option to play with elevation features. Because, in small house mostly clients want to cover complete area. In case of simplex it is bit tuff, but in duplex and further it can be deigned.

5. Ground floor front elevation design- Simplex House elevation: Ground floor front elevation design is also known as Simplex house elevation. Simplex House elevation can be made beautiful by applying elegant features on stairs mumty, adding pargolas or some shades on terrace. Archplanest can turn your ordinary ground floor house design into a modern house front design.

6. Villa front elevation design: Villa, as the name indicates a luxury feeling, the front elevation of villa should be the luxurious house elevation. The villa elevation features can includes wall tiles, brick tiles, stone clads, balcony features, semi covered balconies, big windows. Villa can also be termed as small bungalow elevation.

7. Bungalow front elevation design: Bungalow front elevation as name indicates it as a luxurious house. It has to be luxuries modern bungalow front elevation design. Before elevation designing the bungalow house plans has to design considering the elevation features. In bungalow elevation we pay more attention on structural elevation designs rather putting clads and wall tiles. Curvy features of balconies or pargolas add beauty in bungalow house elevation.

8. Kerala front elevation design: Kerala front elevation design is one of traditional type elevation. Most common feature of kerala house elevation is slanting roofs on terrace, slanting shades on windows, and some rounded features on windows. Kerala house plans are very specific. They need open courtyard in center of house.

9. Apartment building elevation design: Apartment building elevation is a part of group housing. Even multistoried house elevation like G+4, G+5 multistoried house plans can be termed as small apartment house elevation. Rest Group housing apartment are called as Apartment building elevation. Applying features of balconies makes the elevation different from others. Rest the placement of towers makes tame different.

10. Commercial building elevation design: Commercial building elevation includes corporate buildings, showrooms, hotels, hospitals. We at Archplanest develops all kind of commercial elevation designs. Commercial elevation can be made specific by using ACP of different shades, double height porch on entries sliding windows. By choosing colors matching to company logo’s makes the whole elevation in theme.


Commercial building elevation design


Apartment building elevation design


Kerala front elevation design


Bungalow front elevation design


Modern front elevation design


Modern duplex front elevation design


Simple duplex front elevation design


Ground floor front elevation design


Villa front elevation design

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