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House Renovation Plans

Renovation of House Plans is mind boggling task. We at Archplanest create concept plans, elevation designs, and structural modifications for house renovation plans. Mostly there are 3 types of house renovation plans:

  1. Elevation modification – It includes only external facade change. Less civil work. Cosmetic changes are done in elevation give a new look of house.

  2. Structural Change - It includes House extensions on ground floor, or 1st floor or balcony covering, Utility area covering, increasing room sizes, increasing kitchen sizes. In this type of structural renovation we need take care of beam and column location or load bearing wall details to proper drawings, to execute the work.

  3. Interior renovation - It may or may not include the civil modifications. But in case if it needs then I suggest to go for this. We at Archplanest create designs to suit your taste and fulfill your requirement. Interior Designs have no limit of choosing material and its application. We work on basic formulas like space utilization, comfortable living, not too goody designs, use safe materials and most important your choice.

How we start working on House plans renovation and Interior Design:

  1. Close your requirement after discussing with your family.

  2. Share the layout plans if possible, pictures of elevation, pictures of inside the house. You can send the details at info@archplanest.com or what’s app at 8587837958.

  3. We will study your new requirement and existing structure. Then we will suggest what to do and what will be the cost of construction and designing.

  4. After finalizing the designing cost we start sharing the designs for your feedback and inputs.

  5. Once you freeze the design we shall deliver the working drawings and material suggestion.

  6. In case is the project is in turnkey them we will be sharing the detailed cost summery for further proceeding.

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