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Simplex House Plans

We can treat simplex house plans in two was. One type of simplex house plan can be low budget house in small plots, with a plan of extension floor over floor. And the other simplex plan or single story house plan in big plots like 4BHK house or 5 BHK house with all amenities. In the earlier type house plan the home owner can make typical floors over the existing house to rent it out to sell the floors. It can easily be converted into multi storied house plan. Whereas the latter house is complete house in terms of home owner’s requirement. This will not extended for further floors. The elevation for house could be slanting types. Let us see an example for simplex house plans.

30x40 Duplex House Plan 30x40 Duplex House Plan

The above shown simplex house plans is built in 30x40 sq ft , with external stairs and future plan of extension. Some USP for simplex house plans:

  • Ideal use of space
  • House ought to be appropriate ventilated.
  • No less than 1 auto stopping is required
  • Stair could be inward or outside according to future arrangement and employments.
  • Windows ought to be greater in size
  • From security perspective limit divider ought to be higher.
  • Open Floor Plans (for appropriate ventilation)
  • All around arranged utilities, closets and toilets.
  • Simplex House plan composed at Archplanest has some one of a kind component. Archplanest, we precisely concentrate the necessity of customers and give them the best simplex house plans.

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