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Interior Design Process

Assessments of Interior requirement – When we undertake any project we starts with a thorough assessment of unique and individual needs. To create a interior design that best complements style, character and personality of home owner, we engage ourselves closely to better understand particular demands.

In case of commercial projects we do equally rigorous assessments. Knowing what people value in their surroundings helps us create comfortable, efficient and flexible interior design that are insightfully and sensitively designed, while adding value for both owner and user alike.

3D Designs– 3D designs or 3D views are the next step of the interior design process. In usual designing process most of interior designer starts with cad designs which may not be clear to clients. But we start it with 3 D designs which is pretty clear in visualization of space planning. Certain revisions are allowed in 3D modeling or designing. Then we proceed for CAD drawings and working drawings.

CAD Plans – After finalizing the 3D designs we develop working drawings or CAD drawings, short for computer aided design, are the ground zero of any project. Our drawings make optimal use of every available inch while reducing reliance on energy. These are most important and consist of every dimension for interior execution without any hassle.

Archplanest provides premium quality 3D design services as part of its ‘design only’ and ‘turnkey interior design’ packages.
Contracting of Interior design – Archplanest do undertake turnkey projects which means that our specialized contracting people will execute the site as per the provided design. Unlike most other design firms, we are personally responsible for almost every aspect of your project, from design to complete execution. This holistic approach ensures that each project is meticulously detailed and delivered to your complete satisfaction. We do the interior execution anywhere in Delhi NCR.

When we undertake turnkey interior projects for execution, we utilize our expert people for each and every work. Whether it’s a carpentry work, tiling work, electrical, painting, POP work or civil work we have every person in our team. Our ‘in-house’ contracting services cover the following areas:

1. Masonry work

2. Carpentry work

3. Floor and wall Tiling work

4. Electrical work (including conduting and wiring)

5. Plaster and false ceiling

6. Painting

7. Polishing

With the help of our experts we create furnishing and styling marks the culmination of the interior design process, and celebrates the harmonious fusion of its elements.