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Modern House Designs

How to Choose Contractor for Modern House Designs

ArchPlanest is a group of bad-to-the-bone proficient individuals occupied with Architectural Plans, Engineering drawings and 3D designs and composed by specialized promoting individual. We at ArchPlanest works in a procedure to convey any Architectural plans whether it’s a House plan, Commercial plan, Institutional plan etc.

The demand for modern homes in India is rising quickly. Most of home owner does simple mistakes while choosing contractor to build the house. Many of them feel that if they hire a labor contractor and procure the materials and, they will ensure quality. This method has the highest probability of going wrong. The selection of contractors for Modern House Designs is the most crucial task of and construction project. Home owners can follow the below mentions tips to find the best contractor for building of dream home:

Filter Best Contractors for Modern House Designs: The selection of a contractor may become very simple and reliable when you work with an architect or architecture firm. Even online house design companies can help you in sorting out the best contractor. You can provide them the names of contractor and some sort agreement for a study and we will tell you what to do next. On the basis of their past experiences and work detailing this can be judged how experienced contractor he is. You can also visit some of his site for checking the delivery status and quality of material they are using. This gives you ease to concentrate on other factors apart from construction management. But if you are doing it alone, then the process is almost the same. You’ll have to make a list of contractors available to serve within your area. Meet them personally and choose the best contractor among them. But don’t make hurry in the selection process, as choosing a competent contractor will make a greater impact on the overall quality of your project.

Quick Questions you must ask a Contractor: There are many questions you can ask to a contractor. Some of may be based on drawings or some can be as per your thoughts. Before you start your discussion with any contractor just keep this in mind that “A good quality material constitutes only 40% of the house quality and the balance 60% depends on the workmanship, skill set and also proper technical best practices”. These are some quick questions you can ask to any of the contractor:

1. Has the contractor worked with reputed architects in the past?

2. Is the contractor familiar with BOQ / item-rate based contracts?

3. Does the contractor personally supervise the project or just depute some supervisors?

4. Is the contractor willing to work with different architects?

5. Is the contractor ready to share rate analysis and prepare bills for verification by the architect?

6. Is the contractor ready to show you his previous projects which are 10 + years old?

If the contractor answers in positive way and gives satisfactory answers to all these questions, then such a contractor is competent enough to handle your construction work. If not, then you must consult an architect or online house design companies to get help choosing the best contractor for construction.