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Vastu in House Design

When any house design and interior designs are planned, it is always advisable to follow vastu guidelines for happiness, growth and prosperity for home owners. Following Specific vastu in house design helps home owner in feeling the presence positive energy in their home. Now a days most of the home owners wants the vastu house plans. If not getting 100% vastu in the house plans, at least cover the major things like placement of Kitchen, stairs, master bedroom, Drawings room, placement of pooja place, house main entry. Even home owners are now checking the vastu feasibility in purchasing the plots, like north facing plots, south facing plots, west or east facing plots. The main direction of Plot is the deciding factor for the placement of main features like house entry, kitchen, stairs, master bedroom, toilets & bathroom, Pooja place, sitting are, Water tank, Kids room etc. Let us check some general Vastu house plan tips and why we need vastu for house design construction.

Some of the basic features of Vastu hose plans are as follows:

It is Scientific: Vastu is a science. Most of Vastu compliance is based on directions of plot or house plans. Directions can guide the flow of positive and negative energy in the house plans.

It is Practicable: For happy and prosperous lives for the residents of a house, the designed plans should be based on vastu guidelines.

It is Permanent: As the direction of plot or house plans cannot change on its own, and the north direction can be indicated on magnetic compass. Similarly the forces and energy guided by direction are always present in the house plans.

It is Utilitarian: By creating comfort, ease in habitation and happier lives.

It is Universal: Although vastu has a very decent history. Our faith in Vastu is founded on the ties between the earth and the sun.

Apart from above mentioned basic thoughts about vastu direction and related forces, let’s discuss the major vastu positions or cones. Every direction has a distinct influence, so you must know about these directions. In hindi it is also know n as “Ashta Devas” for health and prosperity:

  • East : Governed by Lord Indra
  • South East : By Lord Agni
  • South : By Lord Yama
  • South West :By Lord Rakshas or Nirtuthi
  • West : By Lord Varuna
  • North West: By Lord Vaayu
  • North : By Lord Kuber
  • North East : By Lord Easwar or Esana
  • Not only the plot directions of plot or house plan, even the zodiac sign and nashtra of his/ her born timings also plays important role in placing main gate or entry in the house.

    Aswini – East, North         Purvaphalguni – South, North

    Bharani – South         Uttaraphalguni – South, West, North

    Krithika – South         Hastha – West, South

    Rohini – South, West         Chitra – North, West, South

    Mrigasira – South, West         Swathi – North, West

    Arudra – North, West, South         Vishakha – North, East, West

    Pun arvasu – North, East, West         Anuradha – East

    Pushya – North,         East jyeshta – South, East

    Aslesha – East         Moola – South, East, North

    Makha – South, East, North         Purvashada – South, West, North

    Uttarashada – West, North, South         Sathabhisha –North, East, West

    Sravana – North, South, West         Uttarabhadra – South, East

    Danishta – North, West, South         Revathi – South, East

    General Vastu Guide lines: home owners can some follow some basic rules while finalizing the requirement of house design. like

    Placement of Windows and doors in house plans

    Placement of Staircase to be done in south or south west corner The steps movement in stairs are coming on the bed.

    Staircase: The design and location of a staircase in a house follows the functional requirements of its planning. There are however some points that you may do well to bear in mind. The internal staircase can be located in any room excepting the NE or SE one. Keep the Eastern wall free of the step line; maintain a gap of at least 3” between the two.

    From North to South or,

    From East to West when the steps abut or lead away from a Southern wall.

    For any linear staircase, steps can proceed either from East to West or from North to South. The stops can also thereafter turn in any direction.

    Spiral Staircases – When a house faces East-West in the southeast or when it faces North-South in the northwest, a spiral staircase is recommended. In no instance should a staircase be provided in northern or eastern northeast.

    Location: Location of plot, already been discussed in above paragraphs.

    Location of Cook type: Mostly to be placed in SE direction.

    Pooja Room: Mostly to be placed in SE direction.

    Bedrooms: The bedroom is the ‘Heart of the House’, the resting place for the body and mind, where we spend a good amount of time when at home. Southwest is the most beneficial of all the directions, the master bedroom should invariable be located in the southwest.

    Cupboards: When necessary to have cupboards in bedroom of hall, have them in eastern wall preferable.

    Bathrooms: Bathrooms are generally constructed either outside the house, as attached rooms to the bedrooms, or for common usage within the house. For bathrooms inside the house, eastern and northern rooms are the most ideal. Attached bathrooms can be towards –

    South of north western bedrooms

    West of south eastern bedrooms

    Where the bathroom is exterior to the house, the space between the house and the bathroom should be less than that between the bathroom and compound wall.

    Overhead tank: The overhead tank can be constructed in southwest, northwest or southeast corners.

    Toilet and septic tank: The septic tank can be sunk in the east or north; avoid having it in any other direction. The direction of the WC should invariably be to the north or the south; and never to the east or west.