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Architecture Services

AutoCad Drafting for Outsourcing: We offer outsourcing of architecture and engineering drafting services. You can share your details in any format .pdf, .jpeg, or word doc we will draft the same in auto cad, and will send you back the source files. Even we charge very less of auto cad drafting work.

Customized House Design: We offer complete customized house designs services. It includes concept plans, 3D front elevation, working drawings, structure drawings, plumbing drawings and electrical drawings. In concept plans and elevation design phase we facilitate you with n number of revision and options. Apart from house design we also offer customized designs for Schools, Corporate offices, Landscaping plans, group housing plans etc.

Interior Design Services: Now days, home owners are looking for complete house interior design, Office interior design, showroom interior design, School interior design, spa and salon interior design restaurant and caffe interior designs. In interior design services we develop 3d perspective views for all probable location in interior section. On approving the designs we prepare the working drawings and gives material estimation.

Readymade House Design: Apart from customized house design, we offer some readymade designs for standard plots sizes like

  • 30×40 sq ft duplex house plans of 3bhk, 4bhk
  • 30×50 Sq Ft Duplex house plans 3bhk, 4bhk
  • 30×40 Sq Ft Simplex house plans
  • 30×50 Sq Ft Simeplx House plans
  • 25×50 Sq Ft Duplex Plans
  • 25×50 Sq Ft Independent floor house plans
  • 30×50 Sq Ft Independent floor house plans
  • Exterior Elevation Design: In any case or any stage we can design a complete new elevation for your construction project. Either it’s a new construction or house renovation project, or elevation modification project; we can develop a complete new design option.

    Cost of construction: In total engineering drawings, we give definite BOQ. With the assistance of point by point BOQ you can get finish thought regarding all out material detail and work charges. With BOQ we likewise give the time length.

    Structural Design Consultancy: Structure drawings are much needed drawings for any construction. Even if it’s a small house construction or big building or multistoried apartments, structure drawings are needed. It has to be designed by some professional engineers and team of architects. It is based on proper load calculation, earth quake zone and type of soil.

    3D rendering Services: Apart from 3d elevation design and interior design services, we offer other rendering services like development of 3D floor plans, 3d Section views, Society render view, Landscape views, Arial Views, row house views, day and night views, 3D walk through views.

    Turnkey Interior Decoration: Vis a vis complete interior design services, we provide complete turnkey interior decoration for complete house, new apartments, house renovation designs, offices designs, spa and salon designs, restaurant designs etc, But we have restricted ourselves upto Delhi NCR only for turnkey interior decoration.