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Customize House Plan services

Although we have an option of readymade house plans, which means using the pre-existing house plans with slight modification in it. The costing for drawings will be surely lesser than the cost of customized house plans, Because of the facility of n number of revision and option in planning Section, We believe in working to create a full satisfaction house plans. We continue the process of house plan customization process till you say that plan is all ok. Here are some features and factors of customized house plans:

1. Factors of Customized House plans

  • Size of the plot
  • Area Measurement of the Plot
  • Location of Plot
  • Plot owner Choices
  • Family Structure
  • Purpose of House
  • Future Plans with House
  • Available Finance for Construction
  • Living Life Style
  • Plot Direction
  • Vastu Concerns for House plans
  • 2. Features of Customized House Plans

  • Big Sizes of Bedrooms, Kitchen
  • Choice of Stairs
  • Follow Vastu in Plan Designing
  • Choose the best from Options of house plans
  • Cross ventilation and energy efficient house plans
  • Floor to floor height choice as per interior design requirement
  • Can plan as per interior design requirement
  • Follow Themes
  • Understand the ways to save cost
  • Choice and Option of Exterior elevation.
  • Make your dream fulfill with perfect house plan

Please send us the details for further discussion. Feel free to get in touch with

“Shekhar S”
(House Design Consultant)