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House Plan Modification

Archplanest has made House plan modification very easy. Although in news house plan development we have given the facility of n number of revision and option in concept plan development. But this cannot be possible in existing house plan modification. As existing house plan modification comes with certain limitation of structure stability. If in case the house plans modification has to be done after demolishing the existing house then it is treated as new house plans. Existing house plan modification can be of 6 types:

  • Existing house plan modification not extension
  • Existing house plan extension over floors
  • Existing House plan modification after demolishing existing house
  • Pre developed house plan modification
  • Readymade house plan modification
  • House plan Modification for Elevation only
  • Archplanest has planned the service of House Plan Modification services by keeping the budget and taste of the customers in their mind. We have categories the house plan modification in 3 categories.

    1. Basic House Plan modification – This includes Elevation modification, Balcony covering, Balcony extension, Doors and window modification, Kitchen extension, covering extended terrace on floors, Brick works to cover stilt parking area. These modifications do not need to change the existing structure much.

    2. Structural change or Extension – This includes restructuring the existing house plans, floor extension plans, modifying internal layout, Extending covered area by adding columns and beams, making extension on front or rear setback area. These modification includes structural changes there the planning has to be done carefully.

    3. Demolishing existing house and build a new one. We treat this type of house plan modification as a new one. As we can go for creating any sort of house plans for construction project.

    Well, there is good news for all those potential home owners, who are looking for a fantastic home design. It is actually not easy to say that the plan is perfect; rather it will meet the requirements through which the owner can easily live with. If you are looking for any sort of house plan modification, we are here to assist you in a better way. We provide the best House Plan Modification services to our customers in the best possible manner. Changes are good, but not always the best choice for home owners. After thinking a lot, a house owner made a great decision of making a dream house of him.
    If you have a plan and looking for modification with expert touch, we are here to assist you. Archplanest offers internal and external renovation or remodeling.

    Mail us your existing plan or pictures with desire modification at info@archplanest.com. or fill bellow Query form or Call us @ +91-85878337958