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Sample House Plan Design and Drawings

All the drawings will be shared in .PDF format, and the elevation or 3d designs will be shared in .JPEG format. You can find some the samples as:

Conceptual House Plan: This is basic concept plans developed in auto cad format and sent in .PDF format for approval and comments to client. This includes placement of details and dimensions of each location. This drawing helps to understand the location of the building from the compound wall along with the necessary setbacks which needs to be left as per the local building by-laws of the place in India.

3D Elevation Design:: This is the exterior and of House Design. This is basically a 3D design of exterior. This helps you to understand how your house will look like after construction.

Overall Working Drawings:Detailed working drawings includes various drawings like 2D elevation, Door window schedule, section drawings, Toilet and kitchen drawings, detailed floor plans drawings. For example a cross section through the house is a spliced view of your ground floor / ground +1 floor house on the lateral side to provide a better understanding about the overall height of the structure along with the breakups within each floor. It gives a clear indication about the height for each floor, sill height, window height, lintel height etc.

Overall Structure Drawings: Detailed Structure drawing includes various drawings like Column layout, foundation drawings, beam layout, slab details, column and beam details. This is core of any construction. These drawings provide all the necessary details of type still to be used and how you will do the construction.

Floor plan 3D View: In general house plan packages, we do not provide this view. But if you need this we can design it. The charges are extra for this.

If you have any further query and requirement then feel free to get in touch with us at archplanest@gmail.com and we will be glad to assist you. You can also fill contact us sheet below with your query.