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Small House Plans

In different locations of India, the vast majority of the general population is searching for a Small House Plan. Archplanest being on the web engineering specialist additionally give the planning of Low cost house designs.

Although any house which is built in small plots can be termed as small house plans. Small house plans can be categorized in below mentioned type house plans:

  • Duplex House plans
  • Budget house plans
  • Affordable house plans
  • Simplex house plan
  • Low-cost house plans
  • House construction based on load bearing walls
  • We generally utilize our best group to take a shot at these ventures. As an expert in online architectural consultancy for giving structural design and planning answer for Affordable home plans, it is reasonable to those with a middle family pay according to Rules and control.

    Some Other vital components required before designing:

    OPEN SPACE: Proper ventilation is very important. Due to restriction of space we work on space utilization concept. So that House plan should be proper ventilated and doesn’t look cozy. Ventilation includes both air circulation and sunlight flow

    BUILDINNG SHAPE: Again keeping the requirement of client we design the shape or elevation of building in such a way that it gives a grand look from outside.

    BUILDING LOCATION: Building location includes the surrounding areas. If there are trees planted on road side or other plot owner has left some space as set back, then overall house plan will be comfortable. House design and shape of building changes due to the plot has only one entry or a corner entry.

    BUILDING APPEARANCE: The exterior elevation depends on client’s choice. Different location of clients has different choices. Like client from Bangalore has different choice than client of Delhi. Similarly client of Bhopal has different choice than client of Bikaner

    BUILDING LAYOUT: It includes Passages, Focal Facilities and Common Rooms, Support and Service Areas, Stairs, Get to Corridors, Security, Section, Room Relationships, Room Design, Unit Mix, Lounge areas, Lavatories, Light and Ventilation, Storage room, Window Views, Materials, Apparatuses and Mechanical Systems.