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Bungalow House Plans

As the name suggests, Bungalow house plans are more spacious than small house plans like duplex houses, or triplex houses build in small plots like 20×40 sq ft, 20×50 Sq ft etc. Bungalow house plans can be big duplex house or triplex house or simplex house. The plot area which we usually consider for a bungalow house plans is more than 1500 sq ft area, it could be 30×50 sq ft, 40×40 sqft 40×50 sq ft. These House plans consist of Spacious bedrooms, big toilets with all amenities, big kitchen area attached with dining area, spacious drawing area, family lounge, internal stair with or without double height concept, covered and semi covered balconies, proper ventilated house, a small garden in front, Parking space for 2-3 cars, porch and parabolas. Its better if take an example to explain Bungalow house design.

In the above shown Bungalow house plans, the plot area is 40×60 Sq Ft. In total the house has 5 Big Bedrooms. Out of which we 4 Master bedrooms with attach toilet and dress area. We 2 Car parking in from and a lawn or garden of around 230 sqft. We have a big drawing room separated from dining space and family lounge area. We have dual entry to enter the house. Precisely we can find following specification in above show house plans

Lodge homes are a subset inside the Arts and Crafts development, which developed from a response to the resplendent Victorian design. Grasping effortlessness, workmanship, and regular materials, cabins are the meaning of comfort. Cottages are frequently one-and-a-half stories, with low-pitched rooftops, shallow “shed” dormers and profound yards. Substantial stone yard bolsters, segments that decrease as they climb, and wide anticipating overhang are all run of the mill arrangements of homes, as are uncovered eave sections. Outside materials incorporate common siding, stone, and additionally stucco.